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18" INNOVA Quilt Machine

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All INNOVA® machines are constructed of a high quality, extremely rigid aircraft grade aluminum profile and include the highest quality digital electronic components. The innovative design is engineered to house top rated sealed ball bearings and Teflon® hard coated components to minimize routine maintenance and eliminate messy oiling.

  • 18" Throat space

  • 3000 stitches per minute

  • 1hp motor

  • High resolution digital encoders

  • Patented rotating sew head

  • Programmable 5-22 stitches per inch

  • Programmable 0-500 minimum stitches per minute sew speed

  • Manual speed from 75-3000 spm

  • Manual speed control on handles for on the fly adjustments

  • Needle Up/Dn programmable

  • Both manual and regulated modes

  • Phenolic composition high density wheels

  • 5 year warranty

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Laser and pointer stylus

  • Front and rear handles

  • Articulating sewing light

  • Large M size Innova Red Vortex Bobbin

  • Non engaging hand wheel

  • Patented spring loaded

  • 1/4 inch hopping foot

INNOVA Classic

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INNOVA 22 Profile.jpg


INNOVA 22 Profile.jpg


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