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INNOVA Longarm Machines

INNOVA® Longarm Quilting systems are manufactured by ABM International, a four-generation family owned and operated business near Houston, Texas since 1947. Based on a long-term commitment to excellence, ABM International manufactures a full array of high quality quilting machines engineered to meet the most discerning quilter's needs. 


The M Series INNOVA quilting machines were designed with the latest technology, combining both beauty and refined engineering.

The INNOVA boasts having the fastest motor, lowest maintenance, most reliable stitch quality, and best customer service available today in the longarm quilting community.

The only maintenance that your INNOVA will require is general cleaning of the thread lint buildup and regular lubricating of the hook race in the bobbin area of your machine!

With class leading stitch quality, no down-time, and extreme versatility, the INNOVA is sure to please.

M Series

  • Made in the USA with over 75 years in quilting

  • 10 year Warranty

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

  • Frame size 5' to 12"

  • Throat size 28, 24, 20

  • 1 HP Motor

  • 75-4000 Stitches per Minute on Manual Speed

  • High Resolution Digital Encoders

  • Patented Rotating Sew Head

  • Patented Oil Less Hook

  • Phenolic Composition High Density Wheels

  • Programmable 5-22 Stitches per Inch

  • Programmable 0-500 Min Stitches per Minute Sew Speed

  • Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

  • Plug and Play Robotics

  • Fully Adjustable Handles

  • Integrated Grand Format Embroidery (FRE) for AutoPilot Mach 3

  • Automotive Sound Deadening Insulation

  • Cooling System for Increased Life

  • Viewing Windows for LED Diagnostics

  • Integrated Needle Laser Light

  • Power Distribution Box

  • Articulating Sewing Light

  • Anodized Aluminum

Grand Format Embroidery - White.png

The Pro Frame

The commercial quality INNOVA Pro-Frame is designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use. It comes with rigid 2" diameter stainless steel fabric poles, Innova’s unique infinitely adjusting EZ Lock brake system, laminated table tops, and two side clamps with tensioning bands. The gas-assisted top fabric pole lifting system provides easy access to straighten and inspect batting. This feature is critical to the discerning quilter. The Pro-Frame has INNOVA's unique fabric take-up compensator that eliminates the need for raising and lowering as the quilt take up roll increases in diameter.

The frame is designed with plenty of free space below the front lifting bar which allows the quilter to sit com-fortably at theINNOVA if desired. The INNOVA Pro Frame stationary compensator roller maintains a perfectly level quilting bed and ensures your quality stitches. The EZ Lock roller system allows for infinite adjustment of fabric tension, which is critical for stitching reliability. Two nylon side tension clamps with adjustment straps are also included.

The INNOVA Pro Frame includes high quality canvas leaders and sturdy 3/4” laminated table tops which are perfect for placing pantographs, or when your longarm is not in use they can double as a sewing or cutting table. The INNOVA Pro Frame has six adjustable self leveling legs and perforated extensions, so it can be adjusted up to 13” to accommodate your desired quilting height. Its unique modular construction allows for the addition of accessories at any time. Feel free to customize your frame with our many available options.

Additional Information on INNOVA Longarm Machines

  • Both front and rear handle bars with start/stop controls, along with half stitch button and a selectable needle stop (up/dn) position.

  • A rotary thread tensioner, and adjustable spring loaded hopping foot that automatically compensates for inconsistencies in your fiber fill or for extra heavy seam allowances which minimizes thread breaks and skipping.

  • Comes standard with a laser and mechanical stylus, as well as a fabulous adjustable fluorescent work lamp which allows for incomparable visibility of your work surface.

  • The ABM INNOVA is very lightweight, well balanced, and includes Pro-Glider composite non-marking wheels for effortless and complete control of the sewhead reducing user fatigue and increasing design accuracy.

  • Comes standard with a style "M" large capacity hook for fewer bobbin changes and includes extra needles, bobbins, a tool kit, dust cover, and stand alone bobbin winder with auto shut off and speed control.

  • M Series has a 4000 stitch per minute one horse motor. This allows for faster more efficient quilting and better stitch regulation. The strong motor is capable of piercing multiple layer seam allowances without stalling, and coupled with the patented hopping foot, it easily accommodates the bulk found in the most difficult areas of your quilt.

  • The largest driveshaft’s of any longarm quilting machine on the market today, supported by sealed ball bearings eliminating the need for oiling or greasing the upper end of the machine keeping your quilts clean. Many of our competitors use bushings instead of ball bearings and they are in constant need of greasing and rebuilding. The only maintenance your Innova requires is general cleaning of thread lint buildup and regular lubricating of the hook race in the bobbin area of your machine

AutoPilot Mach 3.png

AutoPilot Mach 3 computerized quilting system sets the benchmark for the industry

and is technologically more advanced than any other system on the market.

Increase your efficiency and productivity by automating patterns and allowing the

machine to quilt for you!


AutoPilot Mach 3 is equipped with many features such as:


...and many more!

                                                                           About AutoPilot Mach 3

  • Compatible with all INNOVA Longarms

  • User-friendly interface

  • Over 600 patterns

  • Dell All-In-One touch-screen computer

  • 3-axis servo controller with Perfect Corner Technology

  • AC Servo Motors

ABM International's proprietary motion control hardware and software is made in the USA.  The AuitoPilot system offers high-speed quilting with controlled acceleration and deceleration for unmatched reliability and performance.  Its repeatability and positioning are unrivaled in the industry.

Layout patterns for individual blocks or the entire quilt.  Autopilot Mach 3 offers many features to achieve a quality result, whether it be a simple resize, a quick edge-to-edge layout, detailed custom creation, or an original design drawn directly on screen!

ABM International has manufactured computerized quilting machines since the 1980's.  AutoPilot Mach 3 has proven to be both reliable and efficient and is continually improving and adding new features with included updates. 


Edge to Edge










Path Apply

Grand Format Embroidery - Black.png

The only longarm quilting system with embroidery capability.


                                                                    About Grand Format Embroidery

  • Compatible with all INNOVA Quilting Machines equipped with AutoPilot Mach 3

  • 3-axis full control

  • Hoop Free embroidery

  • Limitless embroidery sizes

  • Embroidery patterns can be rotated, flipped, mirrored and copied

  • Unlimited embroidery stitches

  • Accepts .dst file stitch type

  • Queue and dequeue layers

  • Assign colors to each layer

  • Create and modify motifs (over 60 motifs)

  • Automates applique COMING SOON

Crumple up those paper pantograph patterns and set yourself free with PantoVision T2,

the industries only digitized pantograph guidance system for longarm quilters!

Enjoy quilting pantographs from the front of your machine with ABM International's

innovative patented design.  


Create your own pantograph patterns with limitless sizes and variations using the many available tools, such as:



                                                                                                                                                                Running View

                                                                                                  Follow the pantoghraph pattern by moving your sew head to                                                                                                        trace the onscreen pattern.  Running view includes options                                                                                                            such as:

  • Live popcorn tgrail to show the path already traveled. 

  • Target tracer that allows you to easily see the direction of the path.

  • Disable or enable your view port grid.

  • Preview the path of the selected pattern with Preview Trace.

  • When resuming a pattern or restarting a apattern, easily move the tracer with just a few clicks.

The first and only green pantograph system, allowing you to easily import and store hundreds of digital patterns. 


Categorize patterns by tags for stress free searching.

                                                                  About PantoVision T2

  • Compatible with any INNOVA system.

  • Equipped with Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

  • Pre-Loaded with 50+ patterns, including designers Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Jessica Schick, Sarah Vedeler, Urban Elements, Jodi Beamish, and Sharon Schamber.

  • Upload any .dxf file format pattern, or INNOVA's proprietary .pat file format.









Compare Software

PantoVision T2

Classics & M Series

Flip, mirror, nudge, rotate and resize

Group and ungroup

Customizable top panel and color theme

Zoom in/out, full view and actual size

Copy  and paste

Quilt grib labels

Snap to grid

Add repeats and less repeats

Reverse sew

Pattern crosshairs

Pattern and project save

Pattern pad manager

Redo and undo


Project recovery

Sizeable background image

Tension check camera compatible

Running view

Popcorn trail

Attach and link patterns





Sew Zone

Variable speed control

Pause settings

Auto tie off settings

Bobbin counter settings

Sewhead interaction








Split and divide

Create and delete segment


Edge to edge


Draw and edit

Text create



Path apply capable

Pattern lock

Channel lock

Customizable notification sounds

AutoPilot Mach 3.png

AutoPilot Mach 3 

Classics & M Series

Available Accessories

AutoPilot M3 Simulator                                                              Locking Casters                                                         Electric Lift

Power Advance                                                                           Light Bar                                                                      Batting roller Kit

Crosshatch Ruler System                                                          Hand Crank - HD Snap Lock                                    Electric Channel Locks

Keyboard and Mouse Tray                                                        Thread Break Sensor                                                  Side Spool Holder

Magnifying Lens                                                                          Large Ruler Base                                                        Quick Change Open Toe Foot

Quick Change Cup Foot                                                            Quick Change Ruler foot                                            Quick Change Trapunto foot     

Steel Shank Adapter and Spring                                              Set of Clear Plastic Standard Feet                            Set of Clear Plastic Couching Feet

Set of Clear plastic Echo Feet                                                  Open Toe foot                                                               Trapunto Foot

Tube 12 M bobbins                                                                      Magnetic Parts Tray​                                                     Magnetic Bobbin Holder & Tray  Bobbin Storage Box                                                                    Needles Pack of 10                                                      Needle plate - 19/21 Hole

Benefits of Buying from Ready Set Quilt

Innova has been our choice longarm since we opened.  We have not sold any other brand.   We feel it is the best machine on the market and want everyone to have what they need to be a successful quilter.

As a Platinum Dealer, we provide local service at a reduced cost, you do not have to go through Houston.  Appointments are scheduled timely, with no long waiting periods.  We also cover So Much Love Quilt Shop in Granbury Texas and The Enchanted Quilt Shop in Wichita Falls Texas.


We are knowledgeable, friendly and can answer questions to help troubleshoot well as any general questions you may have about quilting. 

In addition to INNOVA 365/24/7 coverage, we are also available.  Since we know you, we are able to help you easier.

When buying a new machine:

  • we can give you the BEST deal. We are able to take trade-ins and make offers that only Platinum dealers can do.  Feel free to bring in any quote, even on an INNOVA and see what we can do.  You will be delightfully surprised. 

  • we want to make sure you have everything you need to get started.  In addition to what INNOVA provides, you will get things such as thread, extra bobbins, needles, spa treatments and other things at no charge to you.

  • you can get your education on the machine and functions available all at one time or you can schedule multiple sessions at the shop when it is convenient.  This gives you time to absorb the information and practice between sessions.  You will still get some initial education at installation in your home. 

  • we provide support should your machine be down for any amount of time.

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