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Quilting Services

Turnaround time

generally 2-3 weeks

We'll take a picture of your quilt then overlay several different patterns for you to get an idea of what the finished product will look like before quilted.  Zoom in/out to see if you want a pattern smaller or larger.  It does not show thread color.  Choose your favorite or we can do more mockups until you find one you like. 

Edge to Edge design is $0.02 per square inch for most designs  (Length x width x 0.02) plus $7.00 for thread.  There is a minimum of $50.00 per quilt.


Additional pricing for custom or semi-custom quilting.


We carry a wide selection of 108" and 118" backing for purchase if needed.


We provide batting at a discounted cost:

  • $0.002/sq inch for 80/20

  • $0.004/sq inch double layer 80/20

  • $0.003/sq inch for wool

  • $0.005/sq inch for single layer 80/20 plus a layer of wool

                If you provide your own batting, ensure it is free of glue

T-shirt quilts start at $20.00 per panel

Binding is machine on one side and hand on the other at $0.40/linear inch


Want to quilt it yourself?  Machine rental is $50 for first 2 hours then $20 each

consecutive hour.  No class required, included in time.  Must call and schedule..

If the quilt border is small pieces (i.e. piano keys) or cut on bias, sew 1/8" around the entire top.  This will keep edges smooth and from unraveling.   Ensure there are  NO buttons, sequence or anything that will deflect the needle and harm the machine.  If present, they will be removed and it will be up to the client to reattach.

Batting and Backing should be at least 8" longer and 8" wider than quilt top.  This allows plenty of room to attach the fabric to the longarm.

Example: Top measures 50" x  50", Back Minimum is 58" x 58"

BE AWARE that fullness in your borders may not quilt out and may therefore create tucks in fabric.

Ensure your top and backing are square. 

Trim all loose threads.  

Ensure quilt top and backing is pressed, clean, free of animal hair and loose threads.

If the backing has seams, press them open for the quilt to lay better.  Horizontal seams will quilt best.

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